Check Point

Here you can find an overview of my current Checkmates articles. I always try to keep this list up to date. 


– R80.x Security Gateway Architecture (Logical Packet Flow)
– R80.x Security Gateway Architecture (Content Inspection)
– R80.x Security Gateway Architecture (Acceleration Card Offloading)
– R80.x Ports Used for Communication by Various Check Point Modules
– R80.20 – New Chain Modules?
– R80.20 SecureXL + new chain modules + fw monitor
How does the Medium Path (PXL) and Content Inspection work with R80
– Appliance model from CLI and dmidecode with full model list

  Performance tuning

– R80.x Performance Tuning Tip – AES-NI
– R80.x Performance Tuning Tip – SMT (Hyper Threading)
– R80.x Performance Tuning Tip – Multi Queue
– R80.x Performance Tuning Tip – Connection Table
– R80.x Performance Tuning and Debug Tips – fw monitor
– R80.x Performance Tuning and Debug Tips – TCPDUMP vs. CPPCAP
– R80.x Performance Tuning Tip – DDoS „fw sam“ vs. „fwaccel dos“
– High Performance Gateways and Tuning
– R80.20 – SYN Defender on SecureXL Level
– Falcon Modules and R80.20

  Cheat sheets

R80.x update cheat sheet – fw monitor


– CLISH Commands in Expert Mode easier
– Show VPN Routing on CLI
– Show Address Spoofing Networks via CLI
– Interface speed and duplex as list
– “fw ctl zdebug” Helpful Command Combinations
– R80.20 – new interesting commands
– R80.20 – IP blacklist in SecureXL
– Check Point –  HEX to IP Converter Tool?


– R80.20  – new ClusterXL commands
– R80.20 – More ClusterXL State Information


– R80.20 – Portable SmartConsole + Tips and Tricks
– R80.10 Syslog Exporter

  Sandblast and TEX

– Fortigate Firewall ICAP and Sandblast (TEX)
– Symantec (Bluecoat) SG ICAP and Sandblast (TEX)
– ICAP and Sandblast Appliance


– R80.20 – New FW Monitor inspection points
– New daemon or processes under R80.20!
– New SecureXL path in R80.20 (CPASXL)
– R80.20 SecureXL – new names in “/proc/ppk/statistics”?
– GEO Location Objects in Firewall Policy (with Dynamic Objects)
– Bash script to show IP ranges for countrys from GeoProtection (new version)